Who Is Cass DeJaynes?

Just a girl living her dream life on her farm providing services to people wanting to travel.

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Cass loves to help other people travel and have amazing experiences across the globe.  She loves to teach other aspiring travel specialists how to do what she does and loves helping others learn how to help others experience the world.

Cass grew up on a farm in West Central Illinois, is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree from a party school and is proud of it.

“I mean, if you can party AND not fail out AND obtain a degree, I think that speaks volumes.”

Cass has traveled the world, experienced different cultures and only has 8 more states in the US to conquer!  Keeping up with work goals and travel goals keeps her busy, focused and driven.

Cass and her husband Royce own and operate her family’s multi-generational farm together.  Royce handles the day-to-day operations stuff, Cass takes on Marketing and Finance.  They work together every day towards their life goals.


“This whole marriage and kids thing happened.  Nobody would let me around cattle because it was too dangerous.  I found myself bored at home with little kids.  I don’t like to clean and do dishes and laundry.  So, I sought out another path.  I stumbled upon a career as a travel specialist.  Ten years later, I’m so happy traveling with my family and creating a great place to call home and having wings to spread and time to explore.  I love helping people experience the world.  I love being on my farm where everything started.  I’m very blessed and I love helping others.”


“I have a motto most days….coffee, then cows.  I do love my cows…and my farm.  Honestly, you can’t keep me away for too long.  I have deep roots on the farm, generations deep roots.  I love watching the sun rise…and set over my farm.  Everything in between is just beautiful.  This place keeps me humble, because nobody scooping poop can think they’re better than anyone else.”

George Washington said “I’d rather be on my farm than Emperor of the world.”  or something like that.

“I smell what he was steppin’ in.  It’s right on point.  I love my farm and even though I like to spread my wings, fly away and experience new places and cultures, I always end up right back here on my farm.” Cass says.

Cass has seen most states and been to a few countries….ya know, the ones on the top of people’s bucket lists.  Many people think that being a travel agent is about is about booking your weekend getaway on Expedia.com.  Yes, any travel agent can book on Expedia.com, they have a whole backend that is just for travel agents.  But, no, Expedia is not the best options and Cass doesn’t use it often or recommend booking on a .com deal.

Why don’t I use Expedia?

  1. It doesn’t offer the best pricing.
  2. Their customer service kinda sucks.
  3. Their travel insurance is basic and super overpriced for what it is.

Cass is a mom and has two kids.  They like baseball, playing Fortnite and being outside.  They love farming on completely different levels.  “I love being their mom, it took me out of my comfort zone and made me be a better person.”


Cows are amazing animals.  We love them on our farm.  There’s nothing like having babies running around in the spring and a freezer full of deliciousness all year round.  Beef is a great source of protein, providing a great balance of Omegas to nourish your mind and body!



“I love my farm!”

  Cass grew up spending endless hours on the farm with her parents, grandparents, brother and cousins and has a lot of fond memories here.  She has left with the intention of doing greater things, but always seems to migrate back to the place that feels like home.

“Now I’ve dug in my roots and grew wings that allow me to fly.”

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