Farm To Table

Buying direct from a family farm is not only good for you, it’s good for family farms.  Family farms make up 96% of agriculture today.  If you want that number to stay that high, buy direct and spread the word about great products raised on farms.

My family farm started selling beef direct to consumer in 2021.  We added infrastructure to do so that was very costly.  Delivery vehicles, cold storage, a retail building to operate out of and the list keeps growing.  We’re adding value added products like beef sticks, ground beef patties and shelf stable canned beef with more items in the plans to offer in the months and years ahead.

Adding farm to table products not only helps producers on family farms like mine, but it keeps all that money in our local rural communities.  For every dollar spent at a small local business, 80% of that money stays local for at least three spends.  It helps increase the sustainability of small underserved communities in rural areas and keep more money available for rural development.

The purchase may be small, but the impact is big!  For instance, if we sell a cow to a major packer, they get a wholesale price and on the money goes and the product goes out to a retailer.  That retailer charges double the wholesale price and the money goes to the corporation.

How does this work in farm to table.  We send it to a local processor that supports local jobs in the meat processing industry, it supports the families of the workers at that processor.  Then the meat is brought back to the farm where we charge less than major retailers and you get better quality.  The money from the increase in that sale from hoof to package stays on the farm to increase infrastructure, provide for our workers, create local jobs in our rural community.  Then we spend it locally too.  More often than not, the money changes hands 3 times in the local economy before it ever leaves our local community.  Then it goes elsewhere.  The impact is huge for small farms and rural communities.

Did you know that in 1 lb of ground beef at the store, you could be getting meat from up to 40 different animals in that 1 lb of ground beef?  Not from us!  Your package only contains meat from one animal from the farm which you purchase it.

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