Consulting & Speaking

Consulting offers a variety of services.  It’s a little bit more focused than coaching.  In a round about way, it’s how I got into coaching.  But, here’s a few examples of types of consulting that I offer.

  • Organizational Consulting
  • Grantsmanship
    • Grant Writing
    • Budgets
    • Grant Research
    • Grant Reporting
  • Advisory Boards and Committees
  • Internal Audit and Review
  • Business Writing
  • Marketing Planning
    • Social Media Planning
    • Promotions
    • Defining and Targeting


Per Hour Fee Structure

$100 per hour billed monthly.

Per Project Fee Structure

$6000, $3000 per month for the first month and $3000 for the last month, to be paid up front of any project.  Then an agreed upon amount per project paid monthly over the course of the project.

Speaking Fees

Transportation Costs

Contact with more information for details.