My Farm



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My farm is located in West Central Illinois, about 10 miles from the Mississippi River.  On a topographic map, it’s right on Squirrel Ridge.  My heart and my roots are here.  There’s not one thing on the planet I love more than my farm.  Want to see more photos and what we’ve been up to?  Check out what’s going on over here on Squirrel Ridge!

My great-grandparents lived right here on the land I still farm.  They started farming in 1924….well, probably before that, but that’s the first land deed they acquired.  I love the land and for that reason, my roots run generations deep.  It’s a heavy weight that comes with extreme responsibility.

Today, it’s still family owned and operated.  Farmers, even if they retire, never really quit working.  When you put in 10+ hour days for 40+ years, it’s hard to quit and walk away.  I’m blessed to have had my grandfather around for so long and I’m blessed to still have my dad around for his wisdom, solicited or not.  But, none-the-less blessed.

Our farm has cattle, a whole bunch of cattle.  Our breeding herd currently consists of about 160 mama cows.  They calve every winter from January – March.  I love spring when the babies are running around the pastures.  You’ll often see me stopping along side the road just to watch.  Watch a calf being born.  Watch babies play.  Watching and just appreciating the little things that make life so grand.


Aren’t they pretty in the pasture?!


That mama with her newborn calf was born here and will live her wonderful life here eating grass all summer and rich wonderful silage in the winter.  How do I know that?  Well, that purple tag in her ear is her baby tag.  The mamas get new tags when they move to the breeding herd to track their own calves.  We have a high level of traceability and calving and breeding records going back longer than I am old!  My grandfather loved cattle and that kinda rubs off!  Learn more about cattle at the Cattlemen’s Association.

We raise Angus and Angus cross cattle.  When I was little we had cattle of all colors.  We’re not cattle racists or anything.  But, now we have this amazing angus herd full of top notch genetics and they’re all spoiled!