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The Old Harvestors Must Come Down: Watch The Silos Fall!

Watch these Silos Fall!


These old Silos were put up in the late 1970s and have had wind damage and are just old at this point.  Two winters ago, 20,000 bu of corn was stored in them and molded because of the leaks and moisture.  So, they’re useless and we’re going to have to take them down.  It’s bitter-sweet for me.  They’ve stood tall throughout my entire life at this point.  They’re always a tell tale sign of home.  They’re a great landmark to give directions.  But, before they become a hazard, I think it’s time they come down.  In efforts to save some cash, we started taking them down ourselves.  We’re going to keep cleaning up the old family farm and getting rid of useless garbage as we go.

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