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The Benefits of Travel Agent FAM Trips


No amount of training, webinars and research can compare to the knowledge and experience gained on a FAM Trip. I just registered for my first fam trip in over a year and a half to Bali and I’m so excited!

  • Get great photo and video marketing material for social media, vlogs and blogs on your trip.
  • Network with other agents and industry professionals.
  • Gain confidence and credibility.
  • It’s a low cost way to travel, see the world and experience different cultures.
  • Gain destination insider knowledge and Tips and Tricks to share with your clients.

I love FAM Trips and I’ve not been this excited to jump on a lengthy flight in a LONG time.  If you’re interested in joining me in Bali, let me know.  I’d love to have you tag along on this amazing journey!


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