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Protecting Assets Can Be SO Complicated

As I get older and I face the reality of having a high net worth and assets to protect, the more I think about how to do that.  I’ve read for hours about tax liability, trusts, estates, probate….the list goes on and on!  But, there’s something that I came across recently about the ultra wealthy and how they pay less tax than the average American.  I mean, talk about enlightening!

You’re probably thinking, “yeah, right.”  or even, “Really, what’s that.  I want to know this enlightening information.”  And, it’s simpler than I even knew.  Over the years, I have had so many conversations with attorneys, CPAs and wealth managers and not one of them mentioned this one little thing that would have saved me tons of time and money and energy and brain power.

It’s called a Bulletproof Trust and it’s a form of irrevocable trust.  Want to learn more about it?  Click Here to learn more today!

What did I learn about the Bulletproof Trust?  It’s easy to set up and you can put anything into a trust.  You can prevent mandatory vaccination of yourself and your family.  You can protect your liability of your car, home, business, money and other property as well as you and your family members.  Add a spend thrift clause to make sure irresponsible person(s) don’t blow through their assets.  This trust protects you from probate tax, inheritance tax, bankruptcy, personal liability and trust liability.  It also protects against negligence.  I highly recommend just watching this free webinar and seeing what you think for yourself.

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