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Building An Email List for Travel Agents


Wanna learn how to start building an email list? I got you covered.

When it comes to building an email list…we first need to start with why. 

Why is it so important to build an email list?

Why can’t you just grow your Instagram account?

Dude. Seriously?!  You need a solid way to contact your people.

Your email list is the most valuable asset you have. 

You don’t own IG. You don’t own FB.

They could shut down your account at any point, change the algorithm, etc. and you’re screwed! Many online business owners remember Facebook before all of the algorithm changes and gosh was marketing easy on Facebook then!  But, then came the algorithm changes.  People’s businesses went under!  We don’t want that to be you!

I became a huge believer in the power of building an email list because of everything all of the people out there in the sales world told me.  I can’t stress enough the power of your email list.  People let you into their inbox when they opt in.  Run with that and build that know, like and trust.  You can send out awesomeness from your YouTube channel, links to your blog for announcements, content from your social media channels, exclusive deals and offers and announcements.  I can’t tell you the power of your e-newsletter!

I sent two emails to my list and made over $1,000…without a course yet!

When I started Level Up, I knew list building was going to be a crucial part of our success so I’ve made it our main focus.  And then came Accelerator!

That gives you FREEDOM.

Building an Email List Step 1: Select an email provider


The first step to building an email list is to select an email provider.

There are a ton of choices here, I want to try and simplify this as much as possible for you.

MailChimp is okay and they have added new feature over the last few years, but those features cost money over the free plan.  So, I typically don’t suggest using free platforms like MailChimp since they are super limited in their capabilities and you’ll want to upgrade to a more robust platform, like iContact or ActiveCampaign.

iContact is what I use and what I highly suggest. The tagging and automations that you can do are amazing.

I was torn between iContact and ActiveCampaign when I was deciding on an email provider for this business.


Building an Email List Step 2: Create an opt-in page 

Once you’ve selected an email provider, you’ll want to create an opt in page, also known as a lead page.

Again, there are a lot of different ways you can go about doing this. I simply recommend using LeadPages since they’re proven to convert, super easy to use, and takes minutes to create a high converting opt in page.

If you want to learn the psychology behind an opt in page and how to create an opt in page that people actually want to sign up for.  If you need more help with creating an opt-in page, leave me a comment below.


Building an Email List Step 3: Create a thank you page

Super simple. If you’re using LeadPages, they have thank you page templates. I suggest you have some kind of call to action on the thank you page.

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Check your email
  • Join our fb group
  • Book a call
  • Buy something at a discount

Building an Email List Step 4: Create your first welcome email

You have your opt in and thank you pages done…congratulations if this is you!

Now you need to create your first welcome email, in what we call a nurture sequence.

You definitely want more than 1 email in this nurture sequence (more like 5), but let’s start with the welcome email.

The welcome email should be simple–congratulate them on being an action taker, deliver the freebie, and let them know what’s next. How often will you email? What will you send next? Have a lil teaser in that first email.

We also make sure our emails are memorable–I include GIFs in mine!

In the sea of emails out there, how can you let your style and personality shine?


Building an Email List Step 5: Start directing traffic to your freebie

Yay! You have the most essential parts done of building your email list, so let’s drive some traffic to this bad boy.

Driving traffic to your freebie:

  • Pinterest
  • Your social media and author bios
  • Blog comments on other people’s blogs
  • Instagram
  • Podcasts
  • Pop-up boxes
  • Create a box for below your e-mail signature in your e-newsletter and LINK IT!
  • Facebook Groups
  • The sidebar of your blog
  • Guest posts
  • YouTube – vlog about it and make sure to put a link in the description and in your channel bio!



Look at you, you badass!

If you take massive action on the steps above, you’ll be so much closer to building your email list and growing a badass business!

Just a little tip from Rachel Ngom, “Messy action is better than no action.”  So, get out there and get some messy action going on!

Comment below: How many people do you want on your email list in the next 90 days?


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