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Easy Things Top Travel Agents Do To Be Successful

I can’t explain how important it is to have a path to success.  Without a clear cut path, life starts look a little more crazy than it should!

I have a lot of secrets I’d love to share with you about being a successful travel agent and the path to follow to get there.   It’s not so complex and anyone can do it.  But you have to have a roadmap to get there.  You need to follow a clear cut path without distractions to get to the end of the road…….

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Top Selling Travel Agents Do Things Others Do Not:

  • They have a community of followers.
  • Create valuable content for people that want to travel.
  • Offer the sales.
  • Explain payment plans.
  • Take time to listen to their clients.
  • Follow up with everyone on everything and have a clear cut system to not let people fall through the cracks.
  • Pitch like a pro when they’ve given all the details of a vacation.
  • Upsell things like room upgrades, insurance, excursions and luxury experiences.

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