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Never Miss An Opportunity to Educate!

The New Lead

I had this lady call me once.  I was all hung up to help her. She was ready to book her vacation to Hawaii.  We had all the details planned out. And then I asked…..ok ma’am. What gateway do you prefer flying from?  And her reply….I’m going to drive.

OMG, I shit the bead!

Uhhhhh…. my pause on the phone was priceless.  My face, you know. I’m that person who’s face tells the whole story of what’s going on in my brain.  So, it’s a good thing we’re on the phone at this very moment.

I couldn’t come up with the words to say.  Matter of fact, I couldn’t come up with much of anything for pure profound shock and awe over this woman’s pure ignorance.  I found some words! Yes! Words!

“Ma’am, what route are you taking?”

AANNNDDDD, Here it comes…..

Now, I wasn’t expecting this one either! She replied quickly with “the bridge from Texas”

I quickly glanced at a map.  Whaaat?!?!! The bridge….oooooooh.

I realized at this moment.  You know on a US map, there’s that little box down in the bottom left corner for Hawaii.  Then there’s that little box is positioned next to Texas? Yep, she thought it was like going to Key West from Miami.  She thought you could just drive!

I Shit The Bed.  Not Once, But Twice!!!!

For Lack of words and complete shock and awe at the ignorance yet again, the words weren’t there.  It was like my brain to mouth filter had been overloaded and the professionalism was gone! I had none left!

So, what came out next was almost as stupid as the woman’s reply. “Ok, you have a wonderful trip!”  I never heard from her again. Thank God! But I should have taken that very moment as an opportunity to educate my client. I know. How can you expect that level of ignorance? Always expect ignorance! People are stupid.  It’s becoming human nature to be ignorant.

And, here’s the tip!

This is where my mom would always say “do as I say, not as I do.  Take a tip right here. Always take an opportunity to educate your clients and potential clients.  They may feel dumb, but they will thank you for saving them from pure embarrassment later!


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